• Reduce missed appointments
• Keep patients informed
• Offer patient support
• Keep internal staff informed and updated
• Manage multiple contact lists on a single   database

• Don't lose revenue with another lost appointment. Drastically
minimize missed appointments with SMS text reminders. Easily
schedule these reminders hours, days, even weeks in advance. You
can even send a personally recorded voice message to remind
patients who may not be akin to texting.

• Keep patients informed by providing preventative care tips with sms
texts. You can send a sequence of medically informative text
messages with the shuffle responder, or send email newsletters for
more in depth information.

• Individual attention is key in providing a positive experience for your
patients. Impart trust in your patients by making two-way texting
available. Offer great customer service with appointment reminders
as well. You can even use mobile polls to see how you can improve
your service and better accommodate your patients.

• Keep your staff organized and punctual with SMS text reminders by
alerting them to show up for shifts on time. Make sure they stay
well-versed in medical terminology and knowledge with frequent
email newsletters as well.

• Set up distribution lists to keep your contacts arranged in specific
categories for easy messaging. Having all of these contact lists in a
single database allows for simplified management. Categorize into
lists or even send messages to specific targets through custom data
field filtering. 
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