• Reach new prospects more effectively
• Provide instant information and updates
• Sell more homes
• Automatically collect prospects' contact   information
• Get results with a limited budget

• All2Mobile can help you attract new clients by advertising
available properties through mobile keywords and QR Codes.
Interested buyers can text in a mobile keyword or scan a QR code to
get instant information about property listings directly onto their
mobile phones.

• With All2Mobile, you can quickly and effectively push out
important updates and information to interested buyers. Send
pictures of properties (MMS), email newsletters, and post to social
media to get the word out about new homes and properties.

• All2Mobile offers powerful tools to help you sell more
homes. Don't miss another opportunity to showcase properties. Send
appointment text reminders and SMS blasts to make sure clients
show up to home tours and open houses. You can even send a voice
broadcast to prospects who may not be as akin to texting.
• Easily collect mobile numbers with mobile keywords. Capture more
detailed information like full name, email address, screen name, and
even custom data using online sign-up pages or Facebook sign-up

• All2Mobile is available on a single platform, with one
database, on one bill. The solution combines five of today's most
popular and most powerful communication channels to deliver
maximum results. .
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