Mobile Marketing Restaurants

• Bring in more first-time guests 
• Increase repeat customer visits  
• Fill tables during slow periods 
• Automatically collect guest contact information 
• Reduce missed reservations

• All2Mobile can drive in new business with a mobile keyword campaigns, which engage and entice your potential customer to purchase. For example, customers can text the word PIZZA to 96362 and instantly receive a special offer on their phone.

•All2Mobile allows you to create high-impact mobile text campaigns, weekly email newsletters, and post daily social promotions, helping you consistently bring back repeat customers.

 •All2Mobile helps drive traffic during slow periods by sending targeted mobile coupons directly to mobile phones. Unlike email offers, you will see an instantaneous response coming through your door.

 •All2Mobile provides mobile sign-up keywords, online sign-up page templates, and Facebook sign-up pages to easily collect customer data online and on-the-go. You can also upload your existing customer information into our system.

 •All2Mobile helps to reduce the amount of canceled reservations by sending reservation reminder text messages ahead of individual reservations.                       
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