• Bring in more first-time customers
• Increase repeat customer visits
• Bring in customers during slow periods
• Update customers about new services       products, and discounts
• Effortlessly collect customer contact information

• All2Mobile can spark new business with an effective
mobile keyword campaign. Advertise your mobile keyword on print,
digital, and social media to entice new patrons. For example, they can
text the keyword FACIAL to 96362 and automatically receive a
coupon for 20% off upon their first visit.

• Increase customer loyalty and keep them coming back. You can
create high-impact promotional SMS campaigns, deliver appointment
text reminders, and build positive guest relationships with mobile
eCards to have guests lining up to return to your salon.

• Instantly drive in-store traffic during slow days with time-sensitive
mobile coupons and email blasts. Leverage social media to quickly
spread the word about daily specials and featured services.

• Make sure customers constantly know about new services, new
products, and promotional offers! Use email newsletters to send out a
detailed calendar of weekly specials and SMS texts to inform about
limited deals. You can even offer daily skin-care tips with the Shuffle
Responder feature!

• All2Mobile provides mobile sign-up keywords, online
sign-up page templates, and Facebook sign-up pages to easily
collect customer data online and on-the-go. You can also upload
your already-existing member information into our system 
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