Takeout for pickup is projected to generate 
$124 billion in sales this year

Your Restaurant Should be on the game

Is known that people are changing about ordering in a restaurant. Every day they look for convenience and scheduled on-time food.
How many times in your restaurant you lose customers orders because nobody can answer the phone?. How long your customer has to wait in your restaurant when they order “to-go” because of no way to order ahead?

Online ordering will allow your customers to order at any time and pickup and any time, where ever they are.
Takeout ordering for pickup is getting an important part of the revenue for many restaurants, and more every day.
A recent study conducted by CHD Expert on 2018 shows that Takeout for pickup is projected to generate $124 billion in sales this year, in comparison to direct delivery $32 billion and Takeout with delivery from a third-party $13 billion. (source: Restaurant Den)

Some other Online Order Statistics

• 60 percent of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week.
• 34 percent of consumers spend at least $50 per order when ordering food online.
• 20 percent of consumers say they spend more on off-premise orders compared to regular dine-in experience.
• Orders placed via smartphone and mobile apps will become a $38 billion industry by 2020
• 45 percent of consumers say that offering mobile ordering or loyalty programs would encourage them to use online ordering services more often.
• 59 percent of restaurant orders from millennials are takeout or delivery
Source: Restaurant Insider  

Don’t let the portals take your money away

Take out orders can be a great way to increase the revenue of your restaurant, but if you work with third parties for online ordering (and some times including delivery) they will take away a good chunk of your profit by the extra charges linked to this kind of services.
Having your own Online Ordering system will allow your customers to have a smooth and easy way to experience ordering from your restaurant starting with their search in Google and ending with the final order asking to be in their specific time for pick up. No hassle dealing with different apps.
We also offer the integration of the Online Ordering system with your POS, although we cant offer integration with all the POS apps on the market. We will need to evaluate your POS app, and its version, in order to verify it is supported for our Online Order system. 

Getting a Better Understanding of your customers.

One of the most valuable assets of the Online Ordering system in the insight provided through all the customer’s ordering behaviors information.
Using the information provided by the system you will be able to deploy very specific marketing campaigns, targeting what your customer’s preferences are. Your restaurant marketer also will be able to develop focused Loyalty Programs and Special Offers. 

We do all for you  

One of the most time-consuming activity and a possible source of errors, is the process of keeping Up-to-date all the information for Online Ordering.
Changing the pricing, new products, new offers, hours of operation and many other variables need to be reflected in the Online Ordering System.
We will provide your restaurant with all the resources required to keep the system up and running with accurate and updated information. From the setup process to all the periodic changes required by the business.