Online Ordering
Party Rentals

Automated Booking

•You will keep your inventory up to date
•No duplicated orders for same date
•Analytics for inventory used for better decisions
•Different prices
•Different delivery fee depending on location

Reviews per item

•Displaying reviews can increase conversion by 270%*
•New visitors can see the store is trustworthy, safe, and the goods are quality. So far more visitors will become customers. Your conversion rates will increase, and so will your revenue and profit.
•With Customer Review Service, this is entirely automatic. You can easily set it to send out review collection emails, days or weeks after purchase. 

Better Engagement

•Your business from customer’s point of view
•With automated review gathering, you get a constant view of your business from the other side; the customers’ side. 
•You can make business decisions based on the feedback you receive.
Perhaps you’ll decide not to restock a certain product. Or perhaps you need to work on faster shipping. 

Add campaings and coupons 
for better marketing

Social Media Integration

Facebook and Instagram
instant integration

Juan Sanchez


I have been using Tuxu’s Online Ordering for more than 8 years now. I have most of my revenue coming from Online Ordering. Using the latest technology and tools like reviews, coupons, and automated booking, I have kept my business busy all year long increasing growth year over year.
I truly recommended Tuxu’s Online Ordering for any Party Rental Business. Is the best investment I've ever did.